10X coach alumni membership

Once you’ve completed your business coach accreditation, you’ll be invited to join the 10X coach alumni membership program. This offers access to a wealth of coaching materials, professional events and ongoing support.

There are three membership types, depending on your individual needs.

Benefits Platinum Gold Silver
Unlimited access to 10X coach academy resources X X X
Unlimited access to 10X business school X X X
Quarterly events with industry speakers X X
Monthly group meetings X X
BBG membership/facilitation ($150 p/month) X X
Access to BSI boardrooms and facilities (NSW) X X
Monthly one-on-one meetings X
Coach profile on the 10X website with link to your own website X
Webinar series on relevant topics X
Marketing repository and support X
Funding support for your clients and templates for submission X
BSB and TAE qualification updates X

Contact us on 02 9216 4000, email 10Xinfo@bsilearning.com.au or fill out our enquiry form for further information and pricing.